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Falls can happen to anyone however they are more common amongst older people and can often be a sign of other underlying problems such as muscle weakness, sensory problems or poor balance.

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Peak Health specialises in the prevention of falls for older people. Our fully individualised programs are designed to get you moving, increase your muscle strength and help you with your balance and coordination. This will reduce the chance of a fall.

Falls are one of the largest causes of harm to older people in Australia. Preventing falls and reducing the harmful effects are the top priority of the Exercise Physiologist’s at Peak Health.

02 9524 5180

Exercise & Prevention Services

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The dedicated Musculoskeletal Injury Rehab Experts at Peak Health will assist you every step of the way.

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Our Services

We Provide the full spectrum of exercise physiologist services and our highly experienced team are ready to help you

Musculo-Skeletal Injury Rehabilitation

Staying at the forefront of current research and rehabilitation techniques is paramount to the successful recovery of patients.

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Cancer Care – Exercise Oncology

An individually designed and delivered rehabilitation program can assist you in regaining the quality of life you deserve today.

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Management of ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

The Exercise Physiologists at Peak Health are well positioned to assist people with this condition with extensive experience managing patients.

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Chronic Pain Management

Exercise and physical activity conducted under the watchful eye of a qualified Exercise Physiologist is at the forefront of evidence based practice.

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Aged Care – Falls Prevention

We’ll help you increase your muscle strength to improve your confidence, balance, as well as maintaining your independence.

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Pre/Post Surgery

The Exercise Physiologist’s at Peak Health can assist you with an individualised program that will assist you in your recovery post operation.

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Weight Management

The Exercise Physiologist’s at Peak Health are uniquely positioned to ensure you have a clear plan for successful weight management.

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Occupational Rehabilitation

Getting back to work after an injury can be difficult, however early intervention is critical. We'll ensure you have a plan for a safe and effective return to work.

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Personal Training

There is nobody better suited than the Exercise Physiologist’s at Peak Health to assist you in achieving your personal fitness goals.

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Athlete Development

If you are looking for the competitive edge that takes you to the next level then our Exercise Physiologist’s have the knowledge and skill to get you there.

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Pilates – Clinical & Small Group

Our Exercise Physiologists have years of experience in helping patients with individual and small group Clinical Pilates.

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Pre/Post Natal

A baby on the way doesn’t mean you have to stop physical activity, on the contrary, exercise and movement are encouraged throughout a pregnancy.

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Dry Needling

We use Dry Needling as an adjudicative therapy for biomechanical pain, myofascial release, reducing inflammation and improving movement patterns.

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Kinesio / Dynamic Taping

A baby on the way doesn’t mean you have to stop physical activity, on the contrary, exercise and movement are encouraged throughout a pregnancy.

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Brent genuinely cares about your recovery, he is very generous with his time and gives a lot back to the community with various fund-raising campaigns for cancer and helping out those who suffer cancer and long term chronic illness.

After one session at Peak Health, I was overwhelmed with relief that someone knew the exact root of my problems and how to fix it. And I left filled with confidence that someone understood, could relate to me, and would have my back.

I highly recommend Peak Health to anyone suffering any form of problem with their bodies. The attention to detail and personal care is applied to every customer new or old and I have gained a very trusted professional friend in my life.